The Wild Party (2011) was a musical production staged by Little Country Theatre and the Edwin Booth Players. Andrew Lippa wrote the music, lyrics, and book.



Plot SummaryEdit

A prologue introduces the audience to two vaudeville performers, Queenie, a showgirl and Burrs, a clown. Tired of Burrs and his physically brutal ways, Queenie makes plans to throw a party. Their guest list is a motley mix that includes Kate, a semi-reformed prostitute who is Queenie's best friend and biggest rival; her latest lover, Mr. Black; a prizefighter named Eddie and his wife Mae; the flamboyant and incestuous d'Armano brothers; Sam Himmelsteen, a theater producer; Dolores, a hooker and her lesbian madam, Madeleine True, and a mute dancer, Jackie. Queenie sees Mr. Black, who is immediately attracted to her, as her opportunity to make Burrs jealous. At the same time, Kate is determined to nab Burrs.

The party soon evolves into an orgy. Burrs, finding Queenie with Black, pulls out his gun. He and Black struggle for it and Burrs is killed, leaving Queenie to wonder how her plan could end in such tragedy. (from Wikipedia)

Production InformationEdit

The Wild Party was performed in October of 2011 in Askanase Auditorium.

Production TeamEdit


  • Queenie: A vaudeville dancer, leggy, sexy and tragic - Erin Behrmann
  • Burrs: Vaudeville clown, dangerous - Ryan Thomas
  • Black: An enigmatic loner, smooth talking romantic - Cody Gerszewski
  • Kate: A professional hooker and coke addict. sexual and confident - Katharine Strom
  • Madelaine True: Lesbian and a madam - Lori Boucher
  • Eddie: A pugilist. A dim witted brute, but a sweet cuddly teddy bear with his girlfriend, Mae - Justin Heim
  • Mae: Eddie's girlfriend. An adorable dimwit - Victoria Block
  • Phil D'Armano:Accomplished entertainer and composer, brother and lover to Oscar - Tyler Busche
  • Oscar D'Armano:Accomplished entertainer and composer, brother and lover to Phil - Gentry Lee
  • Max: Entertainer “wanna be”. Talented, but hasn’t made it yet - Brandon Millar
  • Delores: A hooker for Madelaine True, strong attitude - Justine Pulec
  • Nadine: Young and beautiful. A minor - Sasha Yearwood
  • Sam Himmelsteen: A New York producer - Alex Stoks
  • Jackie: A dancer. Slim, elegant, beautiful. A mute - Grey Brown
  • Kegs: Hired bartender. Amazed - Sarah Arnold


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