Fargo-Moorhead Theatre Wiki

The Fargo-Moorhead Theatre Wiki documents the theatrical arts culture of Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota, as well as the surrounding area.

The wiki was established on August 29, 2006. There are currently 136 articles.

It is the companion wiki to the Fargo Filmmaking Wiki.

Note to Contributors[]

The Fargo-Moorhead Theatre Wiki is open to anyone who wishes to contribute information. Please follow best practices when updating and adding pages. Always write in complete sentences when adding or updating non-list, descriptive information. Refer to established pages for a visual guide to adding new information.



Alphabetical Index of Articles[]

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Performance Title Updates[]

Creating a link for a performance title is coded as follows: double brackets, the title of the play, the year of the performance in parenthesis, and then ending double brackets.

All performance titles should begin with a brief factual statement, followed by four categories:

  • Plot Summary
  • Production Information
  • Cast
  • Crew

If a performance had a run that spanned multiple years, use the starting year for the link, and then include the rest of the dates in the beginning factual statement.

People Updates[]

All entries for people should begin with a brief factual statement, followed by a Stage Credits heading, under which subdivisions can be made for directing, acting, choreography, writing, etc. The productions listed under any subheading must have had a public performance to be eligible.

Listing Eligibility[]

For a performance to be eligible for listing on the Fargo-Moorhead Theatre Wiki, it must have been performed in public within the F-M area or must involve someone from the community. For example, if you are from Fargo or Moorhead, but have performed in a show in New York City, then that performance can be listed under your Stage Credits heading.


Information posted in list form should be presented in reverse chronological order (i.e., the Internet Movie Database). In other words, newest performances go at the top of the list, oldest performances appear at the bottom of the list.

Adding Images[]

The Fargo-Moorhead Theatre Wiki welcomes still images, headshots, and poster designs for play entries and individual pages. Upload images directly to the wiki as opposed to using a third party site to host them. See existing entries for a guide. Additionally, place a single, primary image at the top of the page for each person or title, and use a thumbnail photo gallery for additional photos.

Category Tag[]

For a page to appear as part of the Fargo-Moorhead Theatre Wiki, it must include the appropriate category tag, as shown immediately below. The category tag is coded as follows: double brackets, the word Category then a colon, followed by the words Fargo-Moorhead Theatre Wiki followed by double brackets.